PUBG Patch Notes 22.2 - What's New About It

PUBG Patch Notes 22.2 – What’s New About It?

Everything new in PUBG Patch 22.2 including the new weapon FAMAS, weapon balance changes for both Ordinary and Positioned matches, Plunder Suggestion Upgrades, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! 바카라사이트

Fix 22.2 has been out in a tad now and PUBG fans have been on top of it. The update brings a variety of changes and upgrades that improve the ongoing interaction in more ways than one.

Here, we’ll plunge into the main changes, beginning with a fresh out of the plastic new weapon, changes to weapon equilibrium, and some interactivity enhancements. At last, we’ll wrap up with a rundown of more modest yet massive changes.

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The FAMAS attack rifle is the most up to date expansion to the Consideration Bundle arms stockpile. This French-made stalwart flaunts a high pace of discharge, making it a considerable weapon for different battle circumstances. With its interesting plan and deadly capacities, the FAMAS makes certain to turn into a fan #1 for players looking for a dependable AR.

The weapon highlights Single, Burst, and Full-Auto discharge modes and can be connected with up to a 6x Degree. The FAMAS will be accessible in Care Bundles, Secret Rooms, Lab Camps, Supply Drops, and Support point Boxes on each guide and game mode with the exception of Custom Match – Esports Mode.


The update likewise brings weapon balance changes for both Ordinary and Positioned matches. The AUG has been taken out from Care Bundles and is currently a world-produced weapon. Its details have been changed in accordance with making it more strong yet testing to deal with contrasts with the M416.

On that note, the M416’s harm has been somewhat decreased, and its even force has expanded.

Both the M16A4 and Mk47 Freak, which recently failed to meet expectations, have seen their Single and Burst RPM expanded. Conversely, shotgun produce rates have been diminished to make early-game experiences less baffling.

At long last, the P90 has been added to Mind Bundles and Mystery Rooms in Positioned, and the Weighty Stock connection will currently generate all the more as often as possible.

Generally speaking, the devs consider these to be solid changes that supplement the ones presented in fix 22.1. Of specific note is that they perceive the amount more restricted the choices are in the 5.56mm section, which has prompted the presentation of the FAMAS and the adding the AUG to the world-generated table. 카지노사이트

It likewise creates the impression that they’ve been paying attention to the criticism about shotguns being a disappointing weapon class to battle against as they can without much of a stretch take out a player in one go. To address this, they’ve decided to decrease the generated pace of shotguns over changing their exhibition in order to try not to disable them.

How these progressions will work out paired with presenting another AR is still hanging out there. What is clear is that the devs are considering all points.

Plunder Suggestion Enhancements IN PUBG Fix NOTES 22.2

Plunder Proposals has been a strong element since it was brought into PUBG. Especially for more current players, it’s been an outright shelter. Along these lines, it makes sense that any enhancements they make to it will just improve it.

With fix 22.2, the Plunder Proposal highlight presently features lootable weapon connections and will likewise show suggested ammunition, connections, and hardware in your stock. Along these lines, you’ll make some more straightforward memories sorting out some way to equip yourself and supplement your current loadout for better viability.

Sixth YEAR Commemoration Festivity IN PUBG Fix NOTES 22.2

Fix 22.2 came during the commemoration of the game’s delivery, so it’s a good idea that a few memorial increments accompanied it. To observe PUBG’s sixth commemoration, enlivening articles like boards have been added to Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. There are likewise a few updates to the guides Deston and Erangel, for example, the expansion of slopes and a soil race track, separately.


The capability of a profile in a game like PUBG is to give data in effectively edible ways. With fix 22.2, the devs needed to improve that part of both your record’s Vocation and Profile tabs.

In such manner, both will grandstand your competitor list rank for the season, close by the most elevated rank you’ve accomplished on the off chance that you’re beginning from basically Platinum V. Additionally, the reward XP rate you get per weapon has been straightened out. It presently likens to your Weapon Authority to make things more smoothed out.

At last, the Profession – Endurance page is presently not in the game and any prizes you aggregated from it can now be found in your Redo segment. 온라인카지노사이트

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