PUBG first-person only mode: How to play the mode in PUBG

Battlegrounds first-person only mode is a new addition as part of the game’s fourth monthly update.

Though you can toggle between third and first-person views in regular matches, the dedicated mode means you will only see in first-person.

This means you cannot see round corners, ledges or behind you with the camera, with the limited perspective leading to a different feel to combat and exploration. 카지노사이트

How to start a first-person only match of Battlegrounds
Right now, first-person servers aren’t available in PUBG on Xbox One, but you’re welcome to go ahead on PC after a brief period on the PC Test Server during the summer.

To start a first-person only match, hover over the match start area in the upper left corner, and the options for first-person matches (or FPP) will be at the bottom.

How first-person mode differs in Battlegrounds 안전한카지노사이트
In the words of Playerunknown himself as part of an interview with Eurogamer, playing in first person is “no better”, but “different”, leading to certain more “intense” situations. Here’s some things to know before getting into the mode:

If you’re comfortable with third-person up until this point, it might be worth knowing the differences in play between first and third-person modes, and the advantages third-person gives to defenders in most areas.

This video by MagnumDopus shows several situations – hiding at a corner and by a window – where one player has complete view of the oncoming player, but the other is completely oblivious. These are useful tactics in third-person play but no longer available in first-person, putting both players on a much more even standing – meaning you must be much more careful about how you use your surroundings.

As such, ‘hiding’ is now easier – for both you and the opposition. Hide behind walls and in corners of rooms if you suspect someone is nearby and want to get the jump or avoid them, and when exploring buildings, be sure to be extra careful when clearing rooms. Take your time and be prepared for people to be lurking. 카지노사이트 추천
By the same token, exploring the island in first-person gives you less visibility on your surroundings, making it important to use the environment to hide your presence. You can easily miss enemies at your sides or from a distance, and there is a chance you could narrowly pass a player without even realising. Use cover to obscure your presence and keep your eyes peeled for any movement ahead.

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