‘League of Legends’ teases 2 new champions and reveals sweeping ranked changes

One upcoming champion will be a Darkin assassin with a simple kit, while the other will be a fire-wielding enchanter

League of Legends developer Riot Games has teased two new champions that are coming to the multiplayer game in 2023, including a support-oriented enchanter and a Darkin assassin. 카지노사이트

In a look ahead at what’s to come over the next year, Riot Games has shared a few details on how it will be making a “more diverse champion pool that’s inclusive of all cultures, genders, and in-game skill levels” throughout 2023.

Though details are slim, the developer has shared the names of two champions – Milio and Naafiri – that are planned to launch this year. While Milio is a male enchanter from Ixtal that will be able to wield fire, Naafiri will be a Darkin mid-lane assassin that offers a “straightforward kit” for players to learn. 안전한카지노사이트

Riot added that Naafiri will be able to use “bodies” as part of her kit, and will be oriented toward finding her Darkin brothers and hunting in a pack. Naafiri will be the first Darkin champion to be added to League of Legends since Kayn was introduced in 2017.

Season 2023 also brings significant changes to the ranked system in League of Legends. The typically year-long split will now be broken in two, which will involve a ranked reset halfway through the season. This means that an extra ranked skin will be up for grabs as a reward for competing, and Riot has noted that the mid-season ranked reset will not be as dramatic as the one that takes place at the beginning of each year.

Last month, League of Legends and the rest of Riot’s catalogue were made available on Xbox Game Pass. As a result, League players who connect their Game Pass accounts now receive access to the game’s champion roster as well as a 20 per cent XP boost. 카지노사이트 추천

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