How to fix Mobile Legends: Bang Bang not loading

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular MOBA game on your cell phone. Millions of players spend time every day battling for victory. However, just like with any other video game relying on internet connections, there can be some issues connecting to the game. One common complaint people have had with the game is loading into the game. The following will dive into what you can do if Mobile Legends is not loading for you.

How to fix Mobile Legends: Bang Bang not loading
If your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not loading, first make sure your game is updated to the latest version. This can easily be done by opening the Google Play Store or Apple Store and checking for updates. 카지노사이트

Most loading issues with internet games that you will run into have to do with server issues and your device not being able to connect to them. For this reason, try connecting your device to Wi-Fi as opposed to your normal 4G cellular network. It could potentially give a more stable connection to the game’s servers that your usual connection is not providing.

If that does not work, you are going to want to clear the cache for Mobile Legends on your device and make sure to not have multiple applications open at once. How to clear the app’s cache will depend on the device you have. Most situations can be taken care of by finding the application in your storage and navigating the menus until you find a way to clear the cache.

If you continue to have issues with loading the game, try to delete all the access settings Facebook has on your device (only if you created an account and linked your Facebook account to Mobile Legends). You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, which will work to reset the game completely, removing cache and more, but the main issue could be that the game is seeing heavy traffic at the moment and you might be better off trying to play it again at a later time.

If none of the above fixes have worked for you and you are seeing continual issues loading Mobile Legends, some people have reported that a VPN has fixed the loading issues for them. While VPNs are rising in popularity, you might be better off contacting the game’s support directly if you do not have a VPN you trust already. Do not install anything you see a random person championing without doing the proper research into it first.

One final wrestling legend bursts onto the WWE 2K23 roster at the last moment 안전한카지노사이트

Fans are starting to get excited at the prospect of jumping back into the wrestling world of WWE 2K23 as its release date fast approaches. The final roster of wrestlers was announced recently, revealing that base game players will have a whopping 178 different characters to play as. Plus, if you pick up the DLC, you’ll have even more Superstars at your fingertips. Even with all those fighters packed in, there was still room to squeeze in one more surprise at the last second.

In a stunning reveal at the end of UpUpDownDown’s WWE 2K23 Roster Ratings livestream, panel member and company stalwart Tyler Breeze was announced as a playable WWE Legend — with a rating of 77 in the game, for those keeping score at home. Breeze may not be the most iconic of wrestlers, but his face will be familiar to anyone who watches UpUpDownDown as a regular feature on the channel. Plus, his NXT run helped shape that brand in its early days and his time in the comedy tag team Breezango is beloved by fans.

On top of that, Breeze and his frequent collaborator Xavier Woods have both been confirmed as GM characters in WWE 2K23’s MyGM game mode. MyGM sees players choose a General Manager to help them run their wrestling show, with each GM bringing certain strengths and special abilities to the table. No one except for Breeze and Woods has been confirmed as GMs yet, though we’d have to assume that the usual authority figures will be included. The devs also haven’t shown off any GM powers for this year, but Breeze’s power absolutely has to be called “Prove Yourself” or fans of Battle of the Brands will be livid.

This is likely to be the last surprise announcement for the base game’s playable roster — although a lot can happen in a few weeks, so who knows — so fans hoping for any more as-yet-unrevealed additions will have to wait and see what the DLC holds or, in the worst case, will have to stick around for WWE 2K24.

An Apex Legends board game is in the works, will feature Ultimates in a unique way

Apex Legends reached new heights following the release of its Season 16: Revelry content drop, amassing an all-time high player count on Steam. Now, it is even looking to capture an audience outside of traditional video gaming platforms, as the famed battle royale will be earning its own licensed tabletop board game from the makers of Frostpunk: The Board Game. Best of all, the game is said to feature a detailed map with familiar Legends and abilities.

From publisher Glass Cannon Unplugged, Apex Legend: The Board Game is described as a “highly competitive, strategic, team vs. team” experience that is set to launch on Kickstarter on May 17. The main objective will remain the same, as players must take up the role of a Legend and attempt to eliminate the opposing squad. “It is a whole system designed with newcomers to the hobby in mind, but crafted so that it can include organized play at some later stages,” Glass Cannon Unplugged CEO Jakub Wisniewski disclosed.

At launch, the game will include original Legends Gibraltar, Bangalore, Wraith, and Bloodhound, with a “fully-immersive, three-dimensional environment” board to compliment their figures. However, additional maps and Legends are said to come at a later date in add-ons and expansions. By all appearances, Legends will not be alone on the board either. An announcement video on the publisher’s YouTube channel has revealed Wraith’s Dimensional Rift portals and Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder missiles have also been turned into game pieces, though it is not clear when and how these Ultimate abilities can be used in play just yet.

The board game will certainly be a treat for hardcore fans of the free-to-play title and hopefully revamps the franchise much like the game’s latest season. Those patiently awaiting the board game’s release can dive into Season 16 to see plenty of new, much-needed features, such as a restructured Legend class system and a Nemesis Energy rifle to rival the notorious R-301. It has even managed to bring Team Deathmatch, though plaguing issues have already caused it to undergo some major changes. 카지노사이트 추천

Doom has never looked so adorable with a release date trailer for Mighty Doom for mobile

Today we got one of our best looks at the upcoming mobile game for Mighty Doom. We’ve never been able to use the word “adorable” to describe something from Doom, but that changes now. This game will be a “top-down” shooter action that you can play on from your mobile device. This could be a great entry point for the Doom series if you aren’t a childhood fan already.

In this trailer, we are introduced to the most adorable Mini Slayer. Not only is he small and cute but he is tough and ready to take on some ugly demons. This game will still be as violent as the Doom games that have come before. You will be running and gunning your way through all the mini demons and iconic levels, while also challenging several bosses. Plus, just like any modern Doom game, you will be able to unlock some powerful skills and upgrade your gear.

Mighty Doom will be available for both Android and IOS mobile users launching on March 21, and you can pre-register your account. Once you’ve pre-registered you will be notified once the game launches in March and you will be able to collect a free launch Mini Slayer pack that contains gear and exclusive skins.

The announcement trailer makes it clear that this is taking place in the Doom animated universe, which is based on the Doom Slayer toys you can find in both Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. We get big Toy Story or Small Soldiers vibes from the cinematic, though, as mentioned, the actual gameplay looks a little different. If nothing else, this should be a solid way to get in some Doom action on the go.

Square Enix has announced that Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition will receive a framerate update in a patch due to launch soon. This is in response to the critical reception of the game, which has blasted its framerate and dips, comparing it unfavorably to the original game on the PlayStation.

The official Chrono Cross Twitter account has announced that an update will be released in February, addressing several issues with the game. These include improving the framerate, altering the recruitable character Pip’s growth system, and fixing other bugs in the game. It’s currently unknown if Radical Dreamers, which is part of the same game, will also receive any updates in the patch.

Chrono Cross is considered one of the best PlayStation 1 games of all time, which is why it was so surprising when the long-awaited HD remaster launched in such a pitiful state. The critical reception to Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition was dominated by comments regarding its framerate, which couldn’t maintain a stable 30fps, regardless of what was happening on the screen. This was considered unacceptable, especially for a game launching in 2022 on hardware like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While fans will be elated to hear that Chross Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is being fixed, it’s disappointing that it has taken nearly a year for the problems with the game to be addressed. Unfortunately, this is common for Square Enix, as the company has a history of releasing shoddy ports of its classics and taking years to fix them, as was the case when the Chrono Trigger port on Steam and mobile devices took four years to be patched, despite it being one of the company’s most beloved titles. Players holding out on buying Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition should hold on for a little longer and see if the game has been brought up to spec.

The topic of Heirlooms has resulted in heated debates in the Apex Legends community. The item type is made up of coveted melee weapons of the highest possible rarity, and they even have their own must-see animations. That said, those wanting an Heirloom have long only been guaranteed one after buying 500 of the game’s lootboxes — or Apex Packs. Well, the kunai Heirloom for Legend Wraith has surprisingly now earned more animations, though a leaked recolored version and an alleged unlock method for it have players furious.

Just moments into the launch of Apex Legends Season 16, YouTuber The Gaming Merchant was one of several Wraith fans to discover that her Hope’s Dusk Heirloom has learned a few new tricks. For instance, the blade can now be thrown into Wraith’s portal before returning to the Legend with glimmering blue light surrounding it. Another new animation even lets Wraith pull up a note and photo from Wattson which reads: “My favorite ghost XOXO – W.”

Although the Easter eggs are delightful finishing touches for those who worked hard getting the Mythic-rarity kunai, the admiration has been quickly overshadowed by its supposedly leaked “Hope’s Dawn” recolor. As shown by an in-game screenshot from prominent Apex dataminer KralRindo, the incoming variant evidently shares the same appearance as the original but trades in its blue outer glow for bright orange.

The Apex community has since not wasted any time criticizing the apparent recolor. Reddit user Kuzco Sensei had many upvoting in agreement after expressing, “Thank goodness I had low expectations.” Redditor Aromatic_Difference8 then followed up the comment by replying: “All recolors are lazy. Just create a different skin and give the recolors for free.” This then left players wondering how the tool could be unlocked, hoping it would come at no cost for those who unlocked the original Heirloom.

By all appearances, this is likely not the case. Proven leaker SomeoneWhoLeaks recently took to Twitter to claim the recolored Heirloom could be exclusive to an upcoming Imperial Guard Collection Event. Even more worrisome, they shared alleged code detailing it can only be owned by unlocking all 24 of the event’s cosmetics, and it is not clear if it will be available in the Mythic Store once the event ends.

For now, fans should still take these claims with a grain of salt, especially as developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially reveal the Heirloom. However, it has certainly not been an easy last few days for Apex Legends players nonetheless. Despite the latest season debuting earlier this week, those on Xbox have already found themselves struggling to play the battle royale without lag and connection issues. Season 16’s new Team Deathmatch mode has also been under fire for its own problems, ultimately resulting in changes to its format and ruleset.

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry was released this week, and it’s gone down a storm with players. This season adds a new game mode and tweaks most Legends to alter the game completely. However, not everyone is having fun with it due to unknown server issues and lag impacting any and all Xbox consoles.

The player count in Apex Legends has soared to its highest concurrent user figures ever, thanks to the latest update. Season 16: Revelry resonates with players for several reasons, changing up how many Legends work and adding in the all-new Team Deathmatch mode to provide something slightly different for first-person shooter fans. The release of this season has been anything but smooth sailing on Xbox, though.

At the time of writing, many players are reporting lag and server issues when playing the game on an Xbox console. Be it an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, the game just isn’t living up to expectations. We’ve seen many of the issues ourselves, which began with the Season 16: Revelry update taking a good six or seven hours to download fully.

The issues players are reporting include the game being generally quite laggy, resulting in controller inputs registering a couple of seconds after you make them. This, as you can imagine, makes for a pretty poor gameplay experience. In our own version of the game, we saw the red wi-fi connection indicator, informing us that our connection to the servers was poor even though nothing else was using the wi-fi, turn on at the start of every Team Deathmatch round, and it never left our sights. Other reports discuss how Legends take a few extra steps after you stop sprinting, putting them in the firing line, and getting stuck in loading screens while everyone else is having fun.

Developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA have stayed quiet on the matter, though they may not even be aware of it. The only news we’ve had regarding the game’s performance is about updates to Team Deathmatch and an impending hotfix later today. When you check the official Apex Legends server status page, all the servers are mostly operational. This only makes the fact that most, if not all, Xbox players are experiencing problems with the game all the more puzzling.

Players are scrambling back to Apex Legends for Season 16: Revelry. The pinnacle of this update is a limited-time addition of Team Deathmatch. This mode is a given in most shooting games, but that’s a subject for another day. The content has seen a lot of activity and feedback, and not all of it is positive. Respawn Entertainment has heard its players loud and clear and is addressing the most egregious of issues with a few quick alterations to how the matches play out.

Apex Legends is cutting the length of fights by making each match last only one round instead of three. In doing so, they are also increasing the kill count required to win from 30 to 50. This change quickens the pace of Team Deathmatch while also giving players a compromise to fulfill their bloodlust. While this change is already in effect, Respawn notes that the UI will not reflect the alterations until a proper patch can be implemented to make the necessary edits soon.

Respawn has also heard the frustrations of teams leaving mid-game and has changes in store for the near future. They plan to have matches end immediately when one team completely quits and give victory to the remaining competitors. They also want to implement a penalty for abandoning matches and state that it will be similar to the one awarded in Control.

Hiccups are natural when bringing new content to a game. Respawn is being extremely transparent and communicative with fans, which the masses have appreciated. While Team Deathmatch isn’t the most complicated competition in the world regarding rules and surprises, it is new to Apex Legends. The studio must fight its own battle to ensure that it provides a worthwhile and fun experience for players.

Following the launch of Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry, the game’s player count has exploded to a new all-time high. This shows that despite a lack of a new playable Legend, the changes developer Respawn Entertainment has made are in line with what players want from the game.

The player count, according to Steam Charts, in Apex Legends has now risen to 604,408 players, which is higher than the previous concurrent Steam record of 510,000 in Season 14. Fans believe that the numbers could climb even higher over the course of the day as even more people download the latest update and get into the new content, including team deathmatch.

Apex Legends’ player count dropped considerably after Season 14. It’s possible that the game’s fourth anniversary, combined with the new season, is bringing players in like never before. Considering the number of free rewards on offer during the anniversary event, it’s not surprising that players want to jump in and collect as much as possible, including two free Legends.

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry launched yesterday, adding a team deathmatch mode and marking the start of the game’s fourth Anniversary Event. Even though the new game mode has its problems, these numbers show that it’s intriguing enough that players are flocking to try it out. The feedback at this point in the game mode’s lifetime will shape what it becomes, so there’s every reason to be hopeful for its future.

It’s worth noting that these player count figures only track Steam users. There are still the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox versions of the game to take into account if you want a true overview of how many people play the game each day. Without access to these figures, it’s impossible to say how well the game is performing overall, but its success on Steam can’t be overlooked.

The boost in player numbers may also have something to do with the recent announcement that Apex Legends Mobile will be shut down on May 1. Anyone invested in that game looking for more of the same without the imminent threat of closure would flock to the base game.

Early impressions of Wild Hearts have started to flood social media, giving fans loads of information about the upcoming monster-slaying action RPG. One thing that’s clear from those who have access to the game is that it barely runs on Steam Deck, though they’re hopeful for the future.

Reviews, including our own, for Wild Hearts are slowly trickling out as critics outline their thoughts on the game. One thing that’s also becoming very apparent is the game’s underwhelming performance on Steam Deck. A few outlets have commented on how poorly the game runs on Valve’s handheld device, but the fact that it can run the title at all is impressive.

Steam Deck enthusiasts such as Steam Deck HQ have been testing the game thoroughly to try to work out how best to run it without crashing the device. The general consensus seems to be that even with everything in the settings turned down to low, the game still can’t hit a stable 30 FPS and will crash after a certain point in the introduction.

However, the fact that Wild Hearts runs on Steam Deck at all is impressive. While the graphics playing it on the device have been described as Monster Hunter on 3DS, there seems to be a decent foundation for the developer to build on in the future. Indeed, the game’s executive producer expressed their interest in making it work on Steam Deck in a recent Reddit AMA.

We believe that on day one, Wild Hearts will register as “Playable” or “Unverified” on Steam Deck. This means that while you can load the game and get it to run, it’s not been optimized for the device or passed to Valve to be verified. If more work is done to help the game run on Steam Deck, then this may one day change to “Verified.”

One recent game that’s also had some issues on Steam Deck is Hogwarts Legacy, which was released last week. It’s a massive open-world game that Steam Decks could run from day one, but it’s been said that the game’s introductory levels have been heavily optimized to give the impression that the game runs well on the device. In reality, the performance drops considerably once you enter Hogwarts Castle, and the game struggles to run in the open world anywhere unless you pull most of the settings down to low.

Universal Pictures is going full throttle with its advertisement for Cocaine Bear, the mid-budget horror-comedy film starring a black bear who ate an unprecedented amount of cocaine and has become an unstoppable force of nature. The marketing is fully aware of how outlandish the premise is, evident by the newly released 8-bit video game based on the movie. The Cocaine Bear video game is violent and silly, perfectly matching what audiences expect the film to be once it hits theaters on February 24.

People can play the Cocaine Bear game on the official website, and it is available on both mobile and desktop. The game is similar to Pac-Man but is a lot more bloody. Players take control of the titular Cocaine Bear, who wanders in a maze-like structure to find more victims for it to eat. Just like how Pac-Man has pellets for him to gobble up, there are powders of cocaine for the bear to consume. There’s a bar above that shows how much cocaine fuel the bear has, and when that bar becomes empty, players lose the game.

Humans are running around in the maze, with everyone based on the characters from the upcoming movie. Players use the four arrow keys to move around the maze, with the main goal being to find and maul every human in the level. The final human to get mauled will have a special animation that shows the bear grabbing the person and taking a big bite out of them. Scattered around are duffle bags at the corners of each maze. When the bear runs over them, they will receive a boost in speed, making it easier to catch up to humans.

Eating humans, collecting cocaine, and catching random ambulances in the mazes will earn players points. Like old arcade games, players play Cocaine Bear for as long as they can. How many points you collectively earn by the end will determine your final score. Cocaine Bear the film is based on a real story where drug dealers drop a load of cocaine onto a forest, and a bear ends up eating it. The bear in real life quickly died, but the film adaptation posits a world where the bear becomes an industrial killing machine instead.

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry kicked off today, with the biggest addition to the game arguably being the limited-time Team Deathmatch mode. While it is wild to think of the most basic of shooter game modes to be featured as a special event, people were unsurprisingly excited to jump in. Unfortunately, many players are running into issues with people leaving the game early and completely ruining the experience.

There are multiple instances on Reddit of people posting their experience jumping into Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends and, after a while, seeing multiple teammates and enemies leave early. This isn’t that much of an issue in Battle Royale because there are so many teams. You end up losing and can just queue for the next one. However, in Team Deathmatch, the game struggles to fill open spots, leaving many to face an uphill battle when someone from their team leaves.

To make matters worse around this subject, there is no displayed time limit in the game, so if you are the only one in a lobby, you can walk around with nothing to do for a while. Supposedly, there is a hidden 30-minute timer on the game mode, which is a ridiculous amount of time for a Team Deathmatch game. Anything over ten minutes for this mode is excessive, so hopefully, that is shortened the next time it comes in.

If this happens to you, the best option is to leave right away, as you will be wasting a lot of time waiting for the game to bring in people that will never come. There is no leave penalty in Team Deathmatch, so the people who ruined your game are not getting punished, and you won’t either. While leavers are definitely an issue, not every match has been like this, so just queue up for the next game.

Pre-order bonuses are almost always considered to be pretty lacking as retailers try to coerce more people to buy games from their stores by outputting the bare minimum. In most cases, you might get a pin or a small poster, but GameStop’s pre-order bonus for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a small piece of wood that likely won’t do much more than take up space on your wall.

This proudly denoted “GameStop exclusive” features the odd markings we have seen shown in much of Tears of the Kingdom to this point, with what may be a handprint from Link’s newly replaced arm. While this wooden plaque is not the worst thing we have ever seen, it really is a testament to how lacking pre-order bonuses are, especially considering the size of the item is likely only a little larger than the Nintendo Switch case of the game itself.

If you are attracted to what some people are describing as a “tiny Zelda-themed cutting board,” you will need to pre-order a physical version of Tears of the Kingdom from a GameStop store and go in on release day and pick it up before that store runs out of stock. Like other bonuses the retailer runs, these are only given to stores in a limited quantity and are handed out with the game itself.

With this Tears of the Kingdom pre-order bonus literally just being a scrap of wood that you will likely forget about before you reach home to start playing the game, we have high doubts that this will actually pull anyone away from pre-ordering the game from their favorite store. It shouldn’t stop anyone from shopping at their local GameStop, but this is really low-effort merchandising.

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