Differences between League of Legends PC and mobile

The competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) became a successful genre in the gaming community as it offers strategy, teamwork, various play styles, and a common goal that is easy to pick up even with the generation of today. Popular titles of the said genre, such as League of Legends, are played by millions of people worldwide; winning the hearts of many not just on-screen, but through pop culture adaptations (such as LoL giving the world its original music).

With the rise of technology and the manufacturing of mobiles from different companies, so does the possibility of bringing old-school computer game experience to the handheld scenario. This means that game developers tried to bring various genres which were only possible in computers then to our phones. Hence, popular titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang became readily available and received by many. Even PUBG, an FPS-Battle Royale game, which first debuted on PC has its mobile counterpart: PUBG Mobile. 카지노사이트

League of Legends fans rejoice: even this popular MOBA has now landed on mobile after the long wait. Known as League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game promises the same vibe brought on mobile. But knowing the limits and capabilities between two different platforms, major changes are to be expected when adapting an original computer game to mobile. Here are some of the notable differences between League’s Summoners’ Rift and Wild Rift:

The decrease on champions (from 151 to 70)
When League of Legends first came into PC, there were originally 40 champions available on the roster. As the game increases in popularity, the developers kept adding new characters and as of current, there are now 151 available for selection. However, it is first and foremost noticeable that Wild Rift only has 70+ champions available. This is not limited to the original 40 from when the game first came out on PC. Apart from the most common champions such as Master Yi, Ashe, or Garen; Wild Rift offers “new generation” champions such as Seraphine or Jhin. Skins are notably limited as well with a champion only having up to two or three skins available for purchase.

This does not, however, make the game experience any less dull. For those of us who played League ever since its first seasons on PC, the 70+ champions limit does not make it less exciting. In fact, it gives players—especially those new to League of Legends—to focus on champions they found more to their play style.

Some champions look different… they’re tweaked too
Perhaps another distinction between the PC and mobile versions of League is that some champions may look slightly different from that of the PC. This became something of a teaser with the recently released cinematic trailer of League on Legends on their Wild Rift where one of the champions, Lux, does appear to look like she came out of a Disney movie. Even Yasuo and Jinx look a bit changed from their serious-looking selves on PC. 안전한카지노사이트

Not only are the champion sprites different, but so are a few tweaks on skills. To fit its mobile equivalent, drastic changes had to be done which affected skill sets: purely passive skills have been updated to be active skills, for instance. Champions such as Nasus, Annie, Miss Fortune, and Lux herself have such skill changes. Nasus’ Siphoning Strike, as an example, now grants 5 stacks instead of the original 3 stacks (PC) from minions.

Again, we are comparing play styles for both the PC and mobile versions. The changes for mobile were done to fit that platform because transferring the exactness from its original PC may not work well on mobile. Therefore, this kind of change in the champions does impact the flow of the game making it a quicker match compared to when playing on PC where matches could last for up to an hour.

On top of skill changes, the level cap has been changed from 18 (PC) to 15 (mobile).

The map is now mirrored on Wild Rift
Before we go to the concept of mirroring, let us remember that when you play League of Legends on PC, you either go with the base on top or bottom side of the screen with the corresponding minion and turret colors. But with Wild Rift, you always end up with the base on the bottom of the screen with the voice-over letting you know that you are on the mirror side.

‘Mirror’ side of the map is most common with MOBAs especially made for mobile. This means no matter what side you play on—the faction concept in LoL PC—you always end up on the mirrored layout on mobile. Now, this can be a bit confusing as this means when you are playing on the mirror side, the top lane is actually the bottom and vice versa (which means you might also find it confusing at first why the ADR is on the ‘top lane’, for example). What’s good about this is that there is an arrow indication with the words ‘duo’ and ‘solo’ whenever you are playing on the mirrored side so you would know which lane to go. Still, if you are not yet aware of how ‘solo’ and ‘duo’ (or ‘dragon’ and ‘baron’ lane) goes for League of Legends, this could prove quite intimidating at first with players calling you out to ‘get on your lane properly’.

It should also be noted that minions who die nearby now drop gold which makes it quite easier for players to boost their champions early. Additionally, jungle creeps can now be accessed similarly for either team side. 카지노사이트 추천

Soundtrack change
This may seem like an element that does not deserve much attention, but League players—nay, those who take every element of a video game into consideration—knows how powerful background music creates an impact and an atmosphere for what we are playing. It makes it more immersive and we feel some kind of unity with the game.

League of Legends, apart from its already entertaining and competitive playstyle, is also known for its moving soundtracks—either as a newly released music video (as a cinematic) or its background music such as Frejlord’s theme, Summoners’ Call, and the like.

The background music has had significant changes alone on the PC version as the game continues to make updates and keep up with the times. So when it comes to adapting League of Legends for mobile, this also becomes one of the significant changes which also draws a line between two differing platforms. While the Blind Pick theme does retain drum beats similar to that of the PC version, it still has an entirely different music and feel from that of the original PC. Of course, some of the background music maintains that League of Legends PC vibe into it which truly does make you feel as if you’re ‘home away from home.’

There ARE players coming from other existing mobile MOBAs
The trolls? It’s a common sight not just on MOBA games or for any platform—be it PC, mobile, or even various console games when on online mode. Let’s face it: toxicity in the gaming community does ruin the experience, but then again, there will always be someone raining on your parade.

However, beginners of the franchise, especially those who have never played League on its original PC version (we’re looking at players of this generation who enjoyed the privilege of mobile gaming more than PC) will be present. Considering that League of Legends HAS finally come to the mobile gaming scenario, it should be expected that there will be players coming from various, pre-existing MOBAs for mobile. Wild Rift does maintain the same League of Legends for PC vibe despite the tweaks done to fit for mobile so it may prove a bit challenging for new players, most especially, to adjust to the controls and buttons to press when it comes to playing Wild Rift. Not to mention that, compared to games like Mobile Legends, Wild Rift does maintain its skill shot type of gameplay when casting skills.

Either way, League of Legends is officially now on mobile, free-to-play, readily accessible by anyone who has a mobile (provided Wild Rift is now available in their region).


League of Legends has been around since 2009 with a lot of spin-off games, cinematic, and merchandise. It is safe to say that it has become so popular to the point it brought together people and culture. That is why it was no surprise people looked forward to League of Legends being adapted on mobile. The excitement was fuelled when League for mobile became a concept and finally turned into reality.

Surely, backed by popular demand, the worldwide phenomenon arrived on a gaming platform easily accessible and most readily available to anyone. There were key changes—particularly those we have discussed here—but then that was what made Wild Rift special; the fact that it isn’t a rip-off, a bootleg just to catch up with the times, but rather it was carefully thought over in order to bring the League experience from PC to mobile. Now, it has not only united computer gamers from all over the world, but Riot has now reached a hand to those who prefer to keep it to mobile gaming.

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