6 new Mobile Legends heroes on the way?

While there are already over a hundred heroes on Mobile Legendsthe developers don’t intend to stop there. Leaks have revealed a list of 6 new Mobile Legends heroes that could be released in 2021. However, the information should be taken with a grain of salt. Leaks mean potential false leads or possible abandonment of the project. Nevertheless, we give you an update on the 6 newcomers who could appear in the shop soon. 카지노사이트

2 new Mobile Legends heroes detailed…
The first 3 new Mobile Legends heroes that have been leaked have a fairly identifiable face and identity. It’s still too early to know if they will quickly integrate the Tier List of the game, but we already have a pretty good idea of their profile and abilities.

Natan, The Space-time Walker: Natan is not really a surprise as he has already appeared on the server test (advanced servor). He belongs to the archer class and will be able to inflict heavy damage over a short period of time. He won’t really be able to travel through space-time… Such an ability would be a bit too OP. But he will still be able to create a double of himself to attack and confuse his enemies. 안전한카지노사이트

Aulus, Warrior of Ferocity : This hammer-wielding dwarf is also already on the server test. This solid warrior has the particularity of being able to improve his hammer during the game. He will therefore be extremely dangerous in late game, when his weapon will have its full capacities. A hero of small size but who will pose XXL problems.

These two heroes have interesting profiles but for players who are new to the game, we would advise you to choose other easier and more complete characters in order to learn the basics more quickly!

And 4 new heroes who remain quite mysterious
The other 4 leaked Mobile Legends heroes don’t even have names yet. The leaks only show visuals.

Hero 109 : nicknamed “Holy Blade”. He is said to be the brother of Gusion and fights with flying blades.
Hero 110: A magician who has lost her soul.
Hero 111: A harmless-looking nature spirit. She should belong to the category of Supporters. 카지노사이트 추천
Hero 112: A powerful mage with futuristic paraphernalia.
Of course, we don’t know the price of these new characters. But if you are interested in one of them, you should save your diamonds now!

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